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100 McCaul Street

Atelier Cafe Istanbul

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100 McCaul Street is an Atelier Cafe in Istanbul. Istanbul is literally where East and West meet, on the border between Europe and Asia. The Atelier Cafe is an inspiring meeting place for young and old from all over the world. A place for meeting, creativity, intellectual depth and reflection. To just hang out and enjoy company over a cup of tea, or to actively participate in the versatile program of creative workshops and activities. The activities are put together and designed by an international team of artists and academics.

100 McCaul Street has found shelter in a Grade I listed building. It is located in the historic Balat district of Istanbul in a 1,500-year-old cave, which in the past was used as a water reservoir to provide a Byzantine Princess with (drinking) water.

In cooperation with local universities, art school and the business community, 100 McCaul Street offers a diverse program of art workshops and activities aimed at creative expression and intellectual and self-development.



The 100 McCaul Street program consists of different parts.

Artists Collective and (students) meeting place

In exchange for providing and developing workshops and activities, local artists use the location to create and exhibit their work. In addition, 100 McCaul Street serves as an inspiring meeting place.

A wide range of workshops, among others
o Truck Art
o Story Telling
o Mosaic
o Discussion groups
o Arts for children with special needs
o Theater group
o Photography and film

Competence-led Apprenticeships

100 McCaul Street is a training company. It offers internships and apprenticeships for
vocational education students. We partner with a local organization that provides
scholarships for higher and vocational education to orphans and refugees.


Social Enterprise

Various small-scale projects for the promotion of Native Arts and Crafts from a variety of countries, find a sales channel within 100 McCaul Street (both physical and in webshop). The proceeds from the sale of these art and craft products flow directly back and are used to invest in new local projects to stimulate self-sustenance.

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