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Birds of Paradise

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We want to create a farm school in the outdoors where all children are welcome, including so called  ‘Special Needs Children’. We will offer an integrated school and care facility in a farm. In our BOP community every child is seen as a unique person, someone to get to know and be discovered by our team.

The program of the daytime activities is determined by the needs and interests of the children. We do not easily say "no" but we always try to bend the situation and look at the possibilities. We believe that for all children, but also for children with special needs, or maybe even especially for them, personal responsibility and making choices are important skills to develop. The development goals, educational and recreational needs of every child are determined through an extensive intake. Starting point of the discovery tour of getting to know each child is his or her personality and the place of the child in the dynamics of the group. We encourage own initiative and are focused on development and talents. The group has a form of self-direction. The teams are coaches who help the group to learn. The coaches withdraw to the background when group dynamic develops. 

Program Components

The program consists of different parts:


  • School environment

  • Care facility

  • Farm

  • Competence-led Apprenticeships
    BOP will be a training organisation. It will offer internships and apprenticeships for vocational education students. 

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