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The goals of the program are to provide students with the skills, knowledge and audacity that are needed to find a place in society that matches their capacities. The contacts created between passionate professionals and students bridge social inequalities, and affect both parties. In an alumni program, guest teachers, sponsors and DYTA alumni stay connected, and develop professional relationships.

DYTA is an extra-curricular program for children (aged 14-18) from underprivileged neighborhoods. Through a three-year course, professionals (volunteers) introduce students to a wide range of topics, including journalism, medicine, law, philosophy, the arts, astronomy and entrepreneurship. The curriculum also includes training skills such as presentation, research, debate, collaboration, and conflict resolution. It is an education focused on developing an all-rounded character.

Program Components

The DYTA program consists of various parts.

Extracurricular program

Three-year extracurricular course for students of last years of Secondary School (aged 14-18).



Talent School alumni connect in a vibrant network: Among other activities for self-development, alumni teach the younger generations. Alumni embody the ideals of the Talent School, ‘learn from your elders;’ ‘pursue your talents,’ and ‘give back.’ DYTA Alumni organize a wide variety of activities, among which trainings, professional communities, and alumni boards.



DYTA has a research unit that collaborates with universities to study impact factors.
Data shows that alumni have better professional prospects, are more confident, more motivated to persist in the school system and to develop their capacities, and are better connected to society than control groups.



DYTA works towards systems change by running the program in a growing number of regular

schools during regular school time with the support of the Ministry of Education.


On Tour

DYTA employees and guest teachers provide courses in language schools for refuge children.

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