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Beauty lies in all aspects of life. Starting with physical appearance as the most obvious. Physical appearance of people and of the world around us, like flora and fauna or buildings and structures. But what about the less obvious, like beauty of thoughts through literature and poetry or beauty of emotions through expressive utterances such culture and arts?


Creating art (in whatever form) is seen as the ultimate way to capture and express life’s beauty. A way of expression that is only prevalent for a privileged few. But creating is not reserved to artists, as appreciating beauty not to those who claim to have expertise. Everything we know in this world is presented to us in the most beautiful way, in its own rhythm and structure. And every living creature is inclined to beauty and equipped to create. It’s the biggest paradox in life and directly opposed to the current general belief, but it’s not through similarities in convictions, culture, language, or appearance that people connect, but it’s precisely our differences that trigger curiosity and pushes us to explore and genuinely meet, to, in the end, discover how much we are alike.


Beauty Activists

Imagine the power of joining forces in beauty, kindness and positivism. Like water, it’s the softest substance in the world and yet it can penetrate the hardest rock. The power lies in its timing, tenacity or the joining of forces. At the same time, water is unsubstantial; you cannot grasp hold of it, punch it or damage it. Let’s build a network of beauty activists and inspire the world!


Program Components

We, human beings, are not a solitary species. Most of us do not thrive living as loners. We are designed to function in social groups, to reinforce and support each other, like bricks in a wall. On the one hand, today’s technological developments have made it easier for people to meet and connect. The countless online social channels have turned the world into a village. It has blurred physical personal boundaries as well as country borders, bringing people together who otherwise would never have met. But paradoxically, on the other hand, despite the boundless and unprecedented virtual possibilities, individuality has struck the modern world, leaving more people than ever before feeling isolated, unheard, and unseen. And as much as it has become easier to virtually meet and connect, as much we tend to live secluded and anonymously in a physical society.

There’s profit in the synergy of both worlds. Let’s use the ease and convenience of online possibilities as a springboard to facilitating (re)connection with the people around us. Fana has made a start with creating online and offline meeting places. We want to join forces with Beauty Activist in all corners of the world.



An international platform that aims to build a network of beauty activists and inspire the world!

To see beyond the obvious, to search, find and emphasize beauty. The developing of a dynamic, global community of ‘bridge builders’, enabling connection through exploring, creating, meeting and sharing life.



   o  Online platform

   o  Blogs/Vlogs

   o  Forum

   o  Virtual Art Exhibitions



   o  Workshops (Creative, Literature,
        Discussions... etc)

   o  Atelier Café

   o  City Retreats (Cultural and Spiritual

   o  Live Art Exhibitions


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