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Joseph’s Center

for Peace and Creative Expression

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Joseph’s Center for Peace and Creative Expression is a communal living room. A place where everyone, regardless of age, gender, or vision of life, can find peace, personal development, spirituality, and (intergenerational) connection. It has found accommodation in a beautiful and historic (over 150 years old) former church building. The building by itself is a source of inspiration and offers enough space for meeting, interaction, art and culture, and spirituality. In service of, but moreover organized and managed by the community.


The Center for Peace and Creative Expression will be home to a number of locally rooted social organizations. These are organizations that each focus on a specific target group (youth, elderly, women, etc) or have a specific mission in the social area (creativity, care, -spiritual- meaning, etc.). Within the Center, they work together to offer a comprehensive program. Offered activities fall into the 5 working areas of INFINITE.

The initiatives and the programming will be a joint responsibility of the groups and associations that will be housed in the Center in cooperation with local schools and businesses. They will join forces and expertise and jointly devise and organize a varied program of initiatives that meets the needs and interests of the different target groups.

Program Components

Joseph's Center program consists of different parts.

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Existing organizations and groups will be brought together and work together to establish one program under one roof. Whereby each committee can focus on its part and expertise, but the whole will be branded as one unique and comprehensive program.

Social Enterprise
The center is  legally housed in a Social Enterprise. Social enterprises reinvest their earned income into realizing their social mission; they pursue the development of the community rather than being driven by the need to maximize profit for shareholders and owners. 


Besides the joint initiatives and programs that will be run in Joseph's Center in a  flexible and 
adaptive way, there will also be parts of permanent nature. Think of a café, a bistro, an art gallery or a care facility. These permanent business units have separate business models, and operate semi-independently. Local youth will be stimulated, coached and assisted by local established entrepreneurs and businesses. 

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