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Humanitarian disaster in


Humanitarian needs are at an all-time high


Emergency Response Program with a focus on the Children

In every war, unfortunately, average people, innocent civilians, men, women and children are the ones who have to suffer. Gaza is being hit terribly hard and is currently completely cut off from most humanitarian aid. But humanitarian needs are at an all-time high.

In collaboration with our team on the ground in Gaza, we are setting up all forms of emergency aid with a focus on providing special support to the children of Gaza. Our aid can be deployed immediately through our local network.


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All our resources will be used to provide these families in dire need with emergency assistance such as food, shelter, medical aid and psychosocial support.

Read more about our aid efforts in Gaza and the different donation options by clicking the button below:

Every donation is more than welcome and much needed

Help us ​and sponsor a shelter for a family that has lost their home or provide them with food, clean water, hygiene kit or donate for Medical aid. Donations can be made at:

NL81 BUNQ 2053 2686 11
The Infinite Foundation




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