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Earthquake in Turkiye and Syria

First Shelter and Emergency Aid

Tens of thousands of families are homeless

Donate a shelter or a food package for a family


First shelter and aid needs to be provided urgently

The massive earthquake in southeastern Turkiye and northwestern Syria has resulted in the collapse of many buildings. The death toll is already above 35,000 and many more people have been injured. Moreover tens of thousands of families have lost their homes and lives.  


The Infinite Foundation is determined to do its bit to alleviate the misery for children, women and men who have lost relatives and heart and home. We are aiming at providing shelter and first necessity of life for 1000 families

Donate Shelter or a Food Package

The Infinite Foundation is partnering with ​the Bonyan Organization. Bonyan is a Turkish/Syrian organisation which is based in Gaziantep in Turkey. Although they themselves were hit by this earthquake, right away the had a rescue and emergency team operational in Turkey but also in North-West Syria.


The Bonyan Organization has been providing emergency aid and support in the region since 2014, especially in Syria, including the regions of Aleppo and Idlib. They work together with local authorities and other aid organizations. Because of their network and experience, they have access to an area that is very difficult to reach for assistance.


The aid in Syria compared to Turkey is hopelessly lagging behind. Due to the discovered political circumstances in this region and the cunning war, it is also difficult for the international community and media to gain a good insight into the local situation and aid needs. It is of extreme importance to  support the work of our partner organization, so that the Syrian victims too can receive more help and support. Time is still of the essence!

Help us sponsor a shelter for a family that has lost their home and provide them with a Food Package. Donations can be made at:


NL81 BUNQ 2053 2686 11

The Infinite Foundation


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500 euros per shelter!

Bonyan Organization is providing homeless families with emergency shelter; a tent, complete with mattresses and blankets for a family of 4 and a stove to keep them warm and cook.

In addition, each family is provided with a food package, sufficient for the basic needs of a family for a week, such as rice, flower, lentils, sugar, tea etc.


Donate now

1 Shelter 

€ 500

1 Food Package 

€ 35

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