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Floods in Pakistan

First Shelter and Aid

Floods have devastated southern Pakistan

Donate a shelter or a food package for a family


First shelter and aid needs to be provided urgently

As massive floods across Pakistan have so far claimed at least 830 lives since July, and have made thousands of families lose heart and home, the government decided to launch an international appeal seeking funds for relief and rehabilitation of flood-hit people 


The Infinite Foundation is determined to do its bit to alleviate the misery for children, women and men who have lost heart and home. We aim to provide 1000 tents and as many Food Packages for the first shelter and aid of these families.

Donate a Tent or a Food Package

The Infinite Foundation is collaborating with ​the North American Muslim Foundation who is already, in coordination with Local and National authorities, actively setting up shelters in the affected area in Pakistan.

Help us sponsor a shelter for a family that has lost their home and provide them with a Food Package. Donations can be made at:


NL81 BUNQ 2053 2686 11

The Infinite Foundation


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65 euros per tent!

The North American Muslim Foundation has selected a a tent that is most suitable for the local conditions, is widely available and can be on site quickly.

With the modest amount of 65 euros you can already accommodate a family.


Donate now

1 Tent 

€ 65

1 Food Package 

€ 25

5 Tents


5 Food Packages



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