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We are dedicated to provide to youth the tools to embark on this journey of discovery, to help them explore their talents, to enable them to pursue their passions in order to discover themselves and grow into balanced and confident young adults, responsible members of and active contributors to society, who inspire and connect the people around them.




We envision a world where young people are positive and active contributors to a healthy society. A world where young people, regardless of gender, origin, or outlook on life, get to explore and discover their talents and passions, in order to know their personal and professional value and potential and actively use their skill sets to add value to society.



We believe that such can be achieved when young people are given the ability to discover themselves and their true potentials. Not as self-contained individuals, operating and growing within a vacuum, but as full members of a global society, exploring and tapping into the infinite potential of each individual to add value to the world that we live in. Each and everyone in their own unique way, using their unique talents and skill sets. 


We challenge young people to self-reflect and introspect. It takes courage to search within the self for what truly makes the heart happy. Especially when talents and passions do not correspond to expectations or wishes from the people around, the community, or society as a whole. We are convinced that when someone finds in the personal track (own strengths and passions) an unprecedented motivation and drive is released to put talents to use. Not just for personal gain, but for the benefit of everyone.




Work Fields

We are dedicated to provide to youth the tools to embark on this journey of discovery. To this end we offer empowerment programs in the following fields:


Sustainable Development Goals

The UN has defined 17 Development Goals that are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. With our projects we aim to contribute to 9 of them 




Birds of Paradise

An integrated residential care facility, accommodated in a farm. A community where every child is seen as a unique person, someone to get to know and to be discovered.


Discover Your Talents Academy

An extra-curricular program for high school youth from under-privileged neighborhoods. It introduces students to a wide range of professions and disciplines.


For Peace and Creative Expression

A communal living room, where everyone, regardless of age, gender or creed can find peace, personal development, spirituality and connection.


Be Inspired

An international platform that aims to build a network of Beauty Activists and inspire the world. To see beyond the surface, to discover and bring out the beauty in the world.


Atelier Café Istanbul

An inspiring meeting place for young and old from all over the world. A place for meeting, creativity, intellectual depth and reflection.


To Your Own Track

A program seeking to assist young Syrian refugees. To help them build a new life through coaching them in the process of personal development, obtaining their educational goals, and  paving the way to a successful career.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +31 6 18 52 96 41  or email: fill out the following form

Head Office

van Dissellaan 24c
5531 BR Bladel, Netherlands
COC 81426488

RSIN 862086309

Tel: +31 6 18 52 96 41

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