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Humanitarian disaster in


Urgent Call for Support in the Face of Unrelenting Conflict

Stand Strong Together

In the midst of an unyielding war and escalating attacks, the concept of safe spaces has become increasingly elusive. The very refuge we sought to provide, our adopted shelter school, has fallen victim to bombings, leaving already displaced families in search of alternative havens. The war's relentless onslaught has spared none, tearing apart the fabric of stability that so many depend on.

In the wake of devastation, not only has our shelter crumbled, but our crucial support infrastructure, including warehouses and makeshift kitchens, has been reduced to ruins. As the situation grows more dire with each passing minute, the displaced and vulnerable population faces unprecedented challenges, grappling with despair and desperation.

As we stand united against the trials of war, let us work together to extend a lifeline to those who need it most. Your support will not only help us rebuild physical structures but also restore the resilience and hope that conflict seeks to dismantle. Join us in making a lasting impact and showing the world that even in the face of adversity, compassion and hope can prevail.

All-encompassing Destruction

Now, more than ever, your donations are critical in helping us rebuild shattered lives and continue our mission to be a lifeline during these times of severe crisis. Your support can make a profound impact, providing immediate relief to those who have lost everything.

We implore you to contribute generously and help us maintain our commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by conflict. Your donation is a beacon of hope in the darkest hours, a reminder to the affected communities that they are not alone in their struggle.

TIF Village

Our mission is clear – to provide immediate shelter, support, and a sense of normalcy for displaced families in the war-torn Gaza. The TIF Village is designed to offer safety, dignity, and a nurturing environment, focusing on the resilience and recovery of vulnerable families.


Working with our dedicated team of volunteers on the ground, TIF Village envisions an emergency tent camp for 40 displaced families. Each family will find shelter in a special family tent, equipped with personal sanitary facilities. TIF's focus is not only on providing shelter, hygiene and basic necessities of life, but also on dedicated psychosocial support for children and women. To this end, 4 tents will serve as safe spaces. In addition, 1 tent will specially equipped as a medical facility.

Join Us in Establishing
the TIF Village

Show compassion and create impact by supporting the establishment of the TIF Village, our next step in the emergency response program for war-torn Gaza.


Your support becomes the catalyst for change, creating a haven for displaced families and promoting the well-being of children affected by conflict.

Join us in constructing the TIF Village – a beacon of hope, resilience, and community spirit.

Key Components of the TIF Village

2024-01-29 11.10.15.jpg



  • 40 family tents

  • Including bathroom facilities 

  • Creation of a secure and organized camp layout



  • 4 tents specifically designed as safe spaces for children and women

  • Psychosocial Support programs targeting trauma processing and emotional well-being

  • Children's activities fostering a sense of normalcy and community



  • Provision of vital medical support for children and  families in TIF Village

  • Provision of a dedicated tent, a bed, and a comprehensive medical aid kit



  • Provide nutritious meals for children in shelter camps

  • Ensure the distribution of meals children, promoting overall well-being.



  • Bringing smiles to children's faces and promote community spirit

  • Delight 100 children in large families with gift bags 

Sponsor a Child or a Family long-term!


More than 50% of the housing units in Gaza have been destroyed, left uninhabitable or damaged. Also, dozens of agricultural greenhouses have been damaged or destroyed and fields peppered with visible impact craters, severely affecting Gaza’s ability to grow its own food.​ Even if the war were to end today, it will take years to rebuild the country and for its people to regain some level of self-sufficiency. Not to mention the long process ahead to overcome deep trauma that children are suffering from the un-precedented brutalities of the current war.

Provide more structural support and sponsor a child or a family long-term. Secure emergency relief aid like, food, drinking water, warm clothing, and psycho-social support for the coming year for a child, a mother and her newborn or a complete family. Help us to support these families, not only today, but for the longer term and subscribe to a monthly donation.

Our General Emergency Relief Approach in Gaza


Two-track Program

Needs are at an all-time high. It is therefore of paramount importance that as many organizations as possible make every effort to provide emergency assistance as soon as this will be possible. Next to the adoption of the shelter, The Infinite Foundation is working on a two-track program.


Special Support to Children
In this dire context, special attention is needed for the children and young people in Gaza. In addition to the importance of emergency aid for physical well-being, it is of paramount importance, specifically for this group, that some form of emergency aid is also provided for their mental well-being. 
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General Emergency Relief
It goes without saying that we also focus on organizing much-needed emergency aid by providing basic needs to displaced families. Shelter, food, water, and medical care are of course of absolute primary importance.
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track 1

Special Support to Children and their Mothers

Special attention is needed for the children and young people in Gaza. Not only because the current crisis has considerably increased the risk of child exploitation, but it is also very important, if not essential to their development, that children and young people in these horrible and deeply traumatizing circumstances, are given perspective and can focus on the future in some form again as soon as possible.  

As a second track, we focus on mental and emotional support and assistance to children under 15 years old and their mothers. The role and well-being of mothers is crucial, because if a mother is anxious and distressed, she, in turn, cannot properly calm down or emotionally support her child(ren). 

Immediate Support for Children

We are aiming to offer the most vulnerable children up to 15 years old, Psycho-Social Support (PSS). We are building a program to provide for boys and girls qualitative, age-appropriate Psycho-Social Support to enhance their safety, protection, and well-being. In parallel, Psycho-Social Support and Post-Traumatic Parenting Support is offered to their mothers. 


Our program can be divided into three phases: immediate, middle term, and longer term, to adapt to the evolving conditions and needs.  


It is very important that special attention is IMMEDIATELY paid to the children in Gaza who have to grow up under these horrible and traumatising conditions. Since still very little aid can be provided from outside Gaza, The Infinite Foundation is working with a local team to procure Aid Material from within Gaza to help these children and to also provide them with PSS. TIF offers the children of Gaza, already NOW:


Accessible Children's Activities

With the help of local teachers and youth workers, we organize accessible activities for children, so that these children, in the misery of daily danger and destruction can clear their minds and can have a moment of carefreeness, to just be a child again, even if only briefly.  

Basic Necessities of Life

During these activities we provide the children with nutritious food and clean drinking water. By talking to the children and their parents, the team can also identify other urgent needs, such as medical problems, lack of warm clothing, etc. Further assistance can be provided to the families accordingly.


Next Steps

PSS Emergency Response Team

Through our international network we are forming a team of experts in the field of war trauma processing for children. These professionals will initially remotely train local aid workers in this first, acute phase, in which there is no access to Gaza.

Safe Spaces for Children

To this end we will establish, as soon as the situation in Gaza allows us, Safe Spaces. These are spaces where children and youth can engage in recreational activities, group therapy, and art and play therapy and receive counseling from trained professionals. Later, these spaces can also be used for educational and vocational training.

We are training local facilitators, such as local youth and social workers and teachers, to run these spaces and provide emotional support to children​

track 2

          Providing Relief Supplies 

2023-12-28 09.19.47.jpg

During this first phase, in which little or no outside help and support is possible, we use a reactive, pragmatic approach, in which, together with our team on the ground, we inventory day by day, hour by hour, which emergency aid is needed and where, and which relief supplies are available and where they are located, in order to be able to act quickly and flexibly respond to the context and the needs.


We are focusing on providing:

  1. Food

  2. Access to Drinking Water

  3. Winter clothing

  4. Psycho-Social Support

Every Donation is more than welcome and much needed

Entire Gaza has been cut off from all basic human necessities, such as clean water, electricity, food supplies and medical aid.

Tens of thousands of families have been displaced, have lost all their belongings, are starving and in need of medical, psychosocial and hygiene care.

Every donation is much needed! 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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